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C L O S E D Thu, June the 23rd @ 9:29 AM
This icon journal is closed for the time being. I just don't have the time. But when I do, I will most certainly update the icon-making and keep it going. But until then, it's closed.

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(+16) Black Hawk Down // Batch #1 Mon, September the 13th @ 12:00 AM
[ mood | loved ]

<<< Cap Credit goes to pessimistchick >>>


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(+16) Pro Military Icons // Batch #1 Fri, September the 10th @ 1:05 AM
[ mood | thankful ]

So I just really got in the mood to make some pro-military icons. These aren't my best but I did these really late at night so there. They are all simple but to the point.


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(+16) Forrest Gump // Batch #1 Mon, September the 6th @ 7:35 PM
[ mood | crazy ]

<< Thanks to peacefully for these wonderful caps! Without them there would be no iconses! >>


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(+12) Sixteen Candles // Batch #1 Sun, August the 22nd @ 1:17 AM
[ mood | geeky ]

These are the result of using a new technique...all are 100 x 75 because I like the way it looked.


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(+10) Little Mermaid // Batch #1 Thu, August the 19th @ 11:13 PM
[ mood | mellow ]

There's only 10 right now but there will definately be more coming soon...really soon. I'm done with Photoshop for tonight :D

credit starlett_icons or roni_a_doni in keywords.
no hotlinking!!


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(+20) Political Icons // Bush 2004 Thu, August the 19th @ 3:27 PM
[ mood | giddy ]

I got in the mood to make some bush 04 icons so I did. There are 20 in total but I will make more soon.

[+]comment with which ones you take.
[+]credit starlett_icons or roni_a_doni in keywords.
[+]noooooo hotlinking!!!


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RULES Sat, July the 31st @ 1:06 AM
[ mood | grateful ]

Just a few simple but important rules to follow. These rules are very short and to the point. Not that hard. So out of respect for me and my work, please follow the rules! Thanks!</center>
[1]. COMMENT with what icons you will be taking.
[2]. CREDIT either starlett_icons or roni_a_doni in keywords. No credit. No icons.
[3]. NO HOTLINKING! Absolutely none. Upload to your own server such as Photobucket.
[4]. No customizing the icons unless I post otherwise (i.e bases). Bases are fine.
[5]. Share and Enjoy! They are for the sharing. Thanks again for liking my icons!